How to Find a Cheap Caravan Holiday Park

If you are looking for a cheap last-minute summer break or a budget holiday at any other time during the year, a caravan holiday park can be very economical. The most popular type of holiday in the UK, there are no shortage of parks to choose from either. Many of them have all of the facilities you could expect, such as swimming pools, gyms and various other entertainment venues.

UKparks.com is one place to look if you want to get an exhaustive list of all of the holiday parks in the UK, along with pictures, facilities and more. However, if you want to save time and be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company, you may want to check the sites of companies like Hoseasons, Park Dean, Haven and others.

Haven often has last-minute special deals, including 7-day summer breaks with prices starting from £449. If you are looking for the most comfortable and sophisticated caravan holiday park, Haven is a good choice for a company to book your holiday with.

Hoseasons.co.uk is another place worth looking at, with prices starting at little over £200 for long weekend breaks. Haven.com has deals starting from £449 for a family for one week in holiday homes which sleep six to eight people.

Park-resorts.com have special deals much of the year round, including last-minute summer deals for less than £300 for one week. Prices vary considerably and tend to drop steadily towards the end of the summer months.

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