How to to Find Cheap Caravan Holiday Deals

Holiday parks, where static caravans are one of the most common types of accommodation, have long been popular in the UK as an affordable way of going on holiday. Although we live in the era of dirt-cheap flights all over Europe, the cost of a holiday for even a small family can still get very expensive. Also, there are people who simply don't want to fly and experience the stress and oppressiveness of airports.

If you fall into either such category, caravan holiday deals may be exactly what you are looking for. The end of the summer is often one of the best times of year to go on such a holiday, since there are always last-minute summer deals which can be had for a bargain. Sure, it won't be as cheap as going off-season altogether, but who wants to spend a week in winter by the beach?

Ukparks.com has a directory of just about every holiday park in the UK, but it might take you some time to find what you are looking for. You may also want to try some of the main companies in the UK which provide such accommodation.

Caravan holiday deals are available at park-resorts.com for as litle as £349 for a week holiday in the last weeks of the summer. Hoseasons, Haven and Park Dean also offer special deals throughout the year. Haven, at haven.com, offers caravan holiday deals from as little as £250 for a whole family in a caravan which sleeps six for six nights. Be aware, however, that they sell out very quickly.

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