Caravan Holiays in England

Caravan holiays are more and more popular these days mainly because they are affordable. When you have a big family, going on a conventional holiday can be very expensive. So why not save some cash to explore more attractions and enjoy more activities. Secondly, a caravan holiday means flexibility. You can move on real quickly every time the weather changes and thus, you can explore much more of the desired area. Nowadays, all caravans come with excellent amenities so you won’t miss a thing. Almost all caravan parks have supermarkets, clubs, restaurants, pools and shower blocks. England has a large number of great caravan parks, and you can do your bookings easilyonline for any of them.

Great caravan holiays can be found at parkholidaysuk.com. For example, you can rent for £434 a 6 bed caravan for one week in the middle of August, in the Seaview Holiday Park from Kent. This park offers fantastic amenities and plenty of attractions are available in the region. You can visit the famous Canterbury Cathedral, the Dover Castle or the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park.

If you prefer a static caravan for your holidays, check the ukcaravans4hire.com. At the White Acres Park from Newquay, Cornwall you can rent a caravan for one week for prices between £200 and £600, depending on season. On site you can find a pub/club, tennis court, golf course, restaurant, laundrette and many other facilities. Nearby, no less than 13 fishing lakes are located and fishing courses are available for all ages.  Just 6 miles away is the lovely Newquay town, with great beaches, shops, zoo and a beautiful coastline.

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