Caravan Hire in Tenby, need a refreshing break ?

Caravan Hire in Tenby, need a refreshing break?

In south west Wales, lying on Carmarthen Bay is the lovely town of Tenby.  If you have been looking for caravan hire in Tenby, Wales then you have made a very good choice of location.  It is described as a walled medieval town with fine architecture dating back to the 13th century.  A seaside town too of course, boasting all the amenities needed for that summer or weekend break you so much deserve.  Take a stroll along its fine extensive beaches and take in that beautiful view of the harbour nestled at the feet of Tenby town. Perfect for romantic walks or to stroll with friends.

Tenby is noted for its lively and brisk tourist trade.  You will not be disappointed by the availability and range of pubs and restaurants.  I have discovered that because of the amount of good tourism to the area, Tenby’s shops and restaurants are specifically orientated to accommodate the needs of tourists, no matter where in the world you have travelled from.

Also you will love just strolling along the pretty, colourful and very quaint streets of Tenby before sampling their selections of home made breads and cakes on offer.

Finding a good deal with regards to caravan hire is so simple too. A website that I discovered that was really helpful is called kilnparktenby.com.  Simply log onto this very efficient and helpful site to secure a booking in one of their very comfortable and stylish caravans to suit a range of tastes and affordability.  You will find caravan descriptions, availability, costs and contact details that will have your holiday to Tenby organised within minutes.  Try them soon, Tenby is great for all tastes and ages but be quick and book soon, Tenby is waiting!

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