Caravan hire in the UK

If there's one business that is booming summer after summer it's caravan hire. The Brits just seem to love their caravan holidays, they can't get enough of them! Who wouldn't want to take a road trip and park up just meters away from a nice British beach?

Caravanning in the UK is almost a British tradition. Each year a huge crew of caravan folk block the motorways on route to their favourite holiday hot spots to enjoy a summer at the beach. For these reasons it is best to get booking your caravan in advance.

The only way to make the caravan road trip better is to do it in a car, without a caravan attached! They are a nightmare to move, especially across huge distances. For this reason we have found the caravanhireuk.com website to be the best of the bunch. They have some amazing static caravans for hire and they will cost you less than renting a mobile home.

We looked a a beautiful caravan in Littlesea Holiday Park, Weymouth. The prices for this caravan star at £125 and go up to £675 depending on the amount of people staying and the length of time, but what do you get for your money?

You will have a fully equipped kitchen, a microwave, large cooker, sandwich maker, coffee machine, fridge and basically anything else you can imagine, we did say fully equipped! In the living area a stunning 26" LCD TV with Dvd and freeview/recorder, they've even fitted a sound system. Also you will have a bathroom with shower and separate toilet, gas fire and you can even ask for bed linenes if you don't want to bring your own.

On top of all this you are surrounded by beautiful countrysides, wildlife and just minutes from the beach. The town is also nearby so you will have no trouble stocking up, or eating out!

Why go with caravan hire that requires you to do all the work? Static caravan hire is the way to go!

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