Caravan gas cookers: An absolute necessity

Caravan gas cookers are a must have. Campers know that they are pretty limited as far as food goes in a caravan so you have to at least have a gas cooker to cook on. They come in a huge range of prices so let's have a look at the best low, mid and high priced offerings.

1. Bright Spark Single Burner Gas Hob (Black): This is the lowest priced of the bunch. It is a single gas burner that is compact and easy to carry with you. It has flame supervision, automatic flame ignition and can pump out up to 2kw of heat. It is super portable and easy to use. This first offering comes in at £30.

2. Camping Gaz Chef Stove: This is the mid range coming in at £70. The Camping Gaz Chef Stove is a great way to get the full functionality of a cooker but in a compact 2 burner design. It even comes with a mini-grill too so grilling is now a possibility all from this one handy machine.

3. Leisure Products Tasman 2500 Gas Hob: Finally the high end. Starting at £300 this is a great 2 ring gas burner. It offers a lot more room to cook and a lot more control of the heat distribution. It is a great piece of kit but it does cost that little bit extra. It has a built in grill and a flame failure cut off.

These are three of the best Caravan gas cookers on the market. You can check them out for yourself at the 'Caravaning-Online' website. They have a massive range of caravan gas cookers so be sure to check them out.

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