Caravan and camping towing tips

Caravan hire is a great way to explore the Uk and further afield, and with these towing tips you can ensure a safe and pleasant caravan and camping holiday...

  • The towbar should be fitted to the car at recommended fitting points. Consult the manual for a detailed diagram.
  • The towbar must not obscure the number plate when not in use.
  • The manufacturer’s guidelines on nose weight (the weight of the trailer on the towball) must be followed. When loaded the trailer should be a little nose heavy, and tilt down slightly at the front. The recommended nose weight is usually around 7% of the caravan's fully laden weight.
  • Ensure that the tyre pressures of the car and the caravan are correct.
  • When loading, keep the heaviest items secured over the axle. The remaining items should be distributed evenly to give a suitable nose weight.
  • Remember, the lighter your towing weight the safer it is to tow.
  • Use an extension mirror to improve vision.
  • When turning corners, turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction to where you want the caravan to turn. Gradually reverse this action as required.
  • The effect of snaking can be reduced by fitting a quality stabiliser.
  • Watch your speed, especially when towing down hill.
  • If you feel you are snaking, remove your foot from the accelerator, and very gently brake until you have regained control of the caravan.
  • Attach a breakaway cable. This automatically operates the trailer brake if the caravan becomes detached from the towing vehicle.


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