Car Rental at London Heathrow Airport!

Car rental at London Heathrow Airport is simple and hassle free! Customers can chose between self-drive or chauffeur driven car hire at all five of Heathrow’s terminals. Customers also have a choice of using any of the nine different car rental companies that are available. So if you need to hire a car in London then find out everything you need to know about car rental at London Heathrow airport right here:

Car hire is available for customers on site at Heathrow airport however it is often cheaper for customers to book their rental car prior to arrival as there are usually a great deal of deals and discounts that are available for customers that book in advance. The car rental companies at London Heathrow airport include:

  • Europcar
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Avis Rent A Car
  • National Heathrow
  • Terminal 1Hertz
  • Car Hire London Heathrow Airport
  • Sixt Rent-a-car Heathrow Airport
  • Alamo Heathrow Airport
  • Season Car Hire Heathrow Airport

When booking a vehicle for rental purposes all customers will be asked to present a valid driver's license including both the photo card and the paper counterpart before they are permitted access to the vehicle. Sometimes customers may also be asked to produce their passport but as the rental stations are in the airport, this should not be a problem.

Customers who are under 25 years of age should also be aware that they may not be able to rent a vehicle from some of the companies as there are age restrictions. However there are some providers that will rent to customers of 21 years with 3 years driving experience. Some providers also charge a young driver surcharge so it is often a good idea to research your provider in advance.

Airport surcharges are sometimes included in the price so it is also important to familiarise yourself with the rental policy first before going for car rental at London Heathrow airport.



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