Car rental in Greece - Making the most of your holiday

Car rental in Greece is essential if your holiday plans involve a long stay on one of the bigger islands. A city break in Athens or a Thessaloniki would be limited without one. So should you choose a hire car when you land or book one with your travel operator?

Tour operator

Booking a hire car through your tour operator can take the hassle out of it. If they want your business, they may be able to give you a deal on the price and they will have connections with all the reputable car rental companies in Greece.

Local operator

Some low price offers with local operators will save you money and work out well, but you could run the risk of getting a low cost and a low quality car. Spending time parked on the side of the road rather than enjoying places like the Acropolis of Athens, where the Parthenon temple can be enjoyed, and Ancient Olympia in Peloponnese, the birth place of the Olympic Games in the 7th century B.C, could be very frustrating, so don’t take the risk with an unknown local hire car company.

Reputable company

Whether you choose to hire through your tour operator or organise the car hire yourself, you should make sure you choose a reputable company. Car hire companies like Hertz, Sixt and Alamo will offer competitive prices and a high quality vehicle. They will also offer guidance on the local road laws, safety tips, as well as support if an accident occurs.

Final word

You don’t have to have been to Greece to know why so many tourists return each year to its clean beaches, clear waters and historically significant sites. But if you have been there, you will appreciate how important car rental in Greece can be, as it helps you make the most of your time.

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