Where to find car rental in France

Car rental France

Many people believe that setting up car hire before you travel can lead to expensive bills and trouble finding the car once you are abroad. This is not always the case but just in case you feel strongly about it, this article lists only those places where you can pick the car up there and then.

Airports and Stations

Most major airports and train or bus stations have some form of car rental facilities. This is especially true in France where so many people use cars to get around and see the best places at a pace they can enjoy. Car rental in France is easy to arrange and many representatives will be able to speak to you in English which means there should be no nasty surprises from misinterpretations or mistranslations! Many station or airport websites have details about the companies who offer car rental on their websites so it is worth getting an idea about the names you should be looking out for in advance of your arrival.

Alternatively, you could arrange for the car to be delivered to your destination airport or station. This lessens the risk of scams because the locations themselves will be heavily populated and under constant supervision not only from transport police but the normal state or municipal police.

Tourist Offices

Tourist offices usually have huge databases full of information about where you can rent cars or other vehicles. Many of the local companies will advertise in the tourist office itself so it is worth browsing around for different rates and conditions once you arrive at the office.

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