Travelling? Car rental in Dublin could be perfect for you!

Ireland is a beautiful country, home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. If it's your holiday destination, then it might be worth looking into car rental to help you see as much as possible.

We recommend basing yourself in Dublin. Not only is it the capital, but also the centre of Ireland's cultural and political life. It's also perfectly placed within easy distance of anywhere you could possibly want to go in the country.

If you're looking at the various companies offering car rental in Dublin, then we've taken the liberty of rounding a few up to help take the hard work out of your trip!

These two companies offer the best all-round packages, and are convenient and trustworthy!

Europcar - This company is conveniently located in Dublin Airport, and Dublin city centre, meaning whether you arrive by ferry or plane a helpful car rental expert won't be too far away. All cars in the Europcar fleet are less than three years old, so quality is assured!

Budget - Once again, Budget have extremely convenient locations in all of Ireland's major airports. They also offer all customers a copy of the "Rules of the Road" and other resources they may find useful on their trip to Ireland.

Here are some general road safety tips to help you on your trip to Ireland:

Fatigue - Don't drive while tired. Ireland has scores of roadside hotels and hostels for you to stay in when taking breaks between driving.

Speed - The speed limits on Irish roads are quite conservative, and the Gardaí take a dim view to speeding. Always be aware of the speed limit on the road you are travelling on and try to respect speed limits.

Mobile Phones - It is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving in Ireland. It is legal to use a hands-free kit however.

Above all else, enjoy your trip to Ireland!

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