Best price for car parking at Bournemouth airport

Flights from Bournemouth airport to over 30 destinations including top holiday destinations such as Malaga, Majorca, Ibiza and the Algarve. This means a lot of tourists and it means a lot of competition for parking.

Bournemouth currently offers both short and long stay parking options in the grounds of the airport in two dedicated parking facilities.

Taking the right hand the turn from A348 onto B3073 the car parks are located at site 1, directly adjacent to the airport terminal and at site 2, an overflow facility located two hundred yards north of site one.

Short stay facilities are offered in Car Park site 1 and is ideal for dropping off and collecting passengers where a short wait is involved. Fees are charged on a sliding scale with 30 mins costing £2.50, an hour costs £3.60 and 24 hours costs £17.00.

At these rates over night or longer stays would prove very costly but never fear as the long stay options represent much better value.Long stay facilities are offered in both Site 1 and the overflow Site 2 and represents the ideal choice for longer term car parking at Bournemouth airport. Up to two days is £25 and a week costs £65.

Motor cyclists may be interested to know that they can park their motorbikes in the long term facility for £3 a day.

Bournemouth airport prides itself on offering full Blue Badge facilities for disabled drivers with priority spaces close to the departures terminal and assistance for drivers.

Car parking can be booked in advance for best prices from the Bournemouth Airport website or on their hotline 0871 310 5556. There are frequent offers and discounts available for pre-booking so we advise to plan your parking as part of your holiday.

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