Fantastic Car Leasing in Scotland

There are fantastic offers on car leasing in Scotland. If you love cars but do not have a big budget, it could make perfect sense to take the less conventional route of leasing. When you purchase a new car the dreaded depreciation begins. Within a few years the vehicle’s value has plunged, which can make selling it on a real pain. However with car leasing the depreciation of the car is the finance companies problem, not yours.

A company in Scotland which offers car leasing is Clark Motorchoice. They are not tied to any one manufacturer, which means they have a range of models to choose from. To view the great value deals they have on offer visit their website at clarkmotorchoice.co.uk. On the website you can enter the model, make and value of the car you want to lease. This ensures that the company caters for all potential leasers and if you are having difficulty with finance you can contact their finance department, who will be willing to help you.

You could be driving away in a Santa FE 2.2CRDi Premium 7 ST Manual, for a £995 deposit, with 47 monthly payments of £379. You also have the option to own the vehicle at the end of the hire purchase agreement. If your budget is a little tighter you could lease a Ford Ka for £109 per month with a £225 deposit.

All the Clark Motorchoice deals are based on a 48 month lease, with the option to change the vehicle after 27 months, or simply hand the car back at the end of the lease. Leasing is becoming more popular among consumers so if you are considering buying a new car, why not consider car leasing if in Scotland?

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