Get the best prices on your car lease hire in the UK

Car lease hire UK

Whether you live in the United Kingdom or are simply planning to visit for a holiday this year, the cost of hiring a car for your holidays is now lower than ever if you know where to look. Despite the fact that many companies are still charging the same prices as they were in boom times, there are a number of top class car hire specialists online who can offer you some really brilliant deals this year.

We recommend that you check out www.holidayautos.co.uk before you even consider looking anywhere else. As the number one hire company for holiday cars in the world, Holiday Autos have built up an excellent reputation over the past fourteen years among renters and industry commentators alike.

The company's aim is, and always has been, to take the stress and complication out of renting a car for your holiday. Over the years they have build up great links with some of the best car rental companies in the United Kingdom, including Alamo, Avis and Hertz, and thanks to these relationships they can offer you not only the best deals around, but the best quality vechicles available.

The process couldn't be easier, you simply log onto the website at www.holidayautos.co.uk and enter the location you would like to collect the car from (simply enter the city you would like to start in and you'll be given a list of options for pick up points) followed by the start and end dates of your rental. Once that is done you'll be presented with a list of cars available, prices start as low as £111.00 over a one week period for a small four seater, with larger cars like the Ford Mondeo starting at £169.00 for the same time period.

You don't even need to drop the car off at the same place you picked it up. If you are planning on taking it cross country before departing from a different airport, for example, simply tick the appropriate box and tell them where you would like to drop it off. With Holiday Autos your car lease hire in the UK will be as stress free an experience as they come.

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