Car Games to Play on Road Trips

Use the following car games to pass time during long car rides:
  • Counting Cows: This game works well when travelling down the long, winding Irish roads where livestock can be seen frequently. Choose an end destination where the game will conclude. Play this game individually, or as teams. The object of the game is to find the most cows on your side of the road. Each player chooses a side of the road; the easiest way is to choose sides based on seating arrangements (i.e. those on the right side of the car use the right side of the road). The player or team with the most cows counted by the end of the game wins.
  • Anywhere in the World: Start by name any continent, country or city in the world. The first player chooses the starting point. As an example, use Dublin. The next player in the car must name another place using the last letter of the previous place, in this case, Dublin. So, the next player should name a place that starts with the letter "N". You cannot name the same place twice in one game. If a name is repeated, that person loses. Gameplay continues until someone names a previously mentioned place.
  • Road Trip Storytelling: Bring out the creativity by creating a story one line at a time. Designate someone to start the story. This person creates an opening sentence. For example, "Once upon a time there was a courageous knight". Go around the car in a clockwise manner, taking turns adding one sentence at a time to the story. Continue until someone ends it with, "The end".

We hope that these car games gave you some inspiration!

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