Interesting in travelling via car ferry to Spain?

Spain is a top destination for a driving holiday, and there are plenty of ways to get you and your vehicle to one of Europe's most alluring nations. While many travel via the Eurostar, or take ferries to France, a direct ferry from the UK to Spain's northern coast is a more relaxing way to travel. With ferries from Portsmouth and Plymouth to the likes of Santander and Bilbao, there are plenty of options. Here's a look at the best deals for travelling on a car ferry to Spain.

Brittany Ferries currently operate both routes to the Spanish mainland from England's south coast, and with passenger numbers increasing, new routes are constantly being added. Journeys from Portsmouth to Spain on a car ferry takes around 24 hours, while departures from Plymouth take around 20 hours. This means you can relax, have a drink in the bar, and sleep for the overnight journey.

Current price options for the car ferry to Santander start at around £800 for a private cabin. This price lets you embark with dimensions of up to 5m x 1.83m. A surcharge may be added for cars over 5 metres long. The departure port is Portsmouth, while the passengers arrive back at Plymouth on the return leg. If you want to bring a Caravan with you on the journey, then the price goes up to £988. Cheaper tickets may be available for those who would prefer reclining seats.

For those travelling to Bilbao on Brittany Ferries, a return journey from Portsmouth with a standard size car starts from around £954 for two people in a private cabin. These pointers will certainly help you finding car ferry to Spain!

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