Best Places To Book A Car Ferry From England To Spain

A great weekend getaway is to travel from England to Spain. While it’s not too far away, it is just far enough to allow you to feel like you are on a magnificent holiday. Whether you are going to tour wine vineyards or bask in the sun, Spain is a great holiday destination.

Enhance your holiday or weekend break even more by taking the ferry to Spain. This will save you money in having to hire a car once you arrive at your destination. A car ferry from Plymouth to Santander takes about 18 hours and from Portsmouth to Bilbao is about 11 hours. Here are the best places to book a car ferry from England to Spain.

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries, at www.brittany-ferries.co.uk, is a luxury ferry line that will make you feel like your holiday has started the moment you step on board. The ferry has a heated outdoor swimming pool, a children’s play area, a movie lounge, and several cafes and restaurants. Brittany Ferries has two departures a week from Portsmouth to Bilbao, for a 24 or 32 hour cruise to Spain. This is the only ferry that offers a car ferry from England to Spain without stopping in another country.

Sample Prices:

  • 2-night crossing in September starts at £280 per person.
  • 2-night crossing in October starts at £221 per person.
  • 2-night crossing in November starts at £203 per person.

Direct Ferries:

When you’d like to stop in France or another city on your way to Spain, DirectFerries.co.uk is the best place to compare prices and book your ferry. This site has tons of information on the different ferry companies, specific ferry routes and ports, special ferry deals, and more. This is the only website you’ll need to visit to book your ferry trips between England, Spain, and any other country in the area, like France and Holland.

Sample Prices:

  • A round trip crossing between Dover, England and Calais, France in October is about £51.50 per person on Norfolkline Ferries.
  • A round trip crossing between St. Nazaire, France and Gijon, Spain in October is about £142 per person on GLD Atlantique Ferries.

P&O Ferries

Unfortunately, P&O Ferries’ direct route from Portsmouth to Bilbao ceased operation in September 2010. Travelers can ride this ferry to France, and then take another ferry from France to Spain. P&O Ferries is the UK’s largest ferry operator with a large fleet of ships that travel between England, France, Holland, and Belgium. The ships are spacious and relaxing.

Sample Prices:

  • A round trip crossing between Dover and Calais in October is about £78 per person.

No matter how you decide to travel between England and Spain, either a ferry with a direct route or by taking a stop or two and visiting another country, you will love traveling over the ocean. Visiting these websites will provide you with the cheapest price on a car ferry from England to Spain.

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