Choosing car ferries to France from the UK

There is more and more choice today when choosing ferries to France and travelling with your own car. Not only does it save time and hassle when trying to get around France when you have arrived - it can also sometimes be cheaper than travelling without the car! There is hundreds of companies to choose from, and people end up frustrated or confused by all the different deals out there, or end up getting fed up and just selecting the next deal they see and then two minutes later seeing an even better deal. Below is the top three online today between their reputation, cost and levels of quality.

First up is perhaps the most well known company - P&O ferries, on their website today you can get car ferries to France at various times of the day at low prices. Take for example, Dover to Calais this September, if you were to depart for a week beginning on Saturday 17th at 6.40pm - for two adults and with a car the price comes in at just £100, thats £25 per adult each way. Not bad for a weeks holiday, check out their website at poferries.co.uk today for this deal.

Next up is another reputable and a well-known company due to their service and quality standards, Brittany Ferries. Departing from Portsmouth on the same dates as above at 8.15pm on the Saturday, this time arriving into the port of Calais, the price comes in at £404. This includes an ensuite cabin on board the ship for two people on the journey to Calis, as it is an overnight trip, and on the return, departing at 10.30am there are reserved reclining seats for two adults. Brittany-ferries.co.uk has offers to suit every budget, so jump online today.

Lastly, Norfolk ferries, perhaps the cheapest of them all. If, for example you are looking at car ferries to France just for a weekend getaway, this is the place for you. Today on norfolkline.com, you can depart from Dover on Friday 16th September at 10am, to arrive into Dunkirk at 12pm. For two adults plus the car this price is a mere £54, a price hard to resist!

For these and many mnore deals like it, take a look online today to find car ferries to France that will suit your holiday needs.


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