Cape Verdi holidays have to be experienced to be believed

Cape Verdi holidays are not to be missed. There are tons of deals on this fantastic getaway around at the moment. Thomas Cook and Thomson both have tremendous package deals on holidays to Cape Verde at the moment. Prices are as low as £469 for an all-inclusive holiday on one of the islands' luxurious resorts.

With the international airport located on it, Sal is one of the most popular islands of Cape Verde with visitors. Many people come here with the intention of using Sal as a gateway to the other Cape Verde islands but never make it that far. Forget anything you've seen in the movies or on postcards, the beaches of Sal are truly mind-blowing.

In the idyllic blue waters surrounding Sal you can keep entertained by trying out the countless water sports that take place here. Jet skiing, kite surfing, parasailing and scuba diving are just a few of the activities that you might like to try out on the fabulous beaches of Sal.

If you're more of a night owl and want to check out the best of the bars, pubs and clubs on offer in Cape Verde, then you should head straight for Santiago. It's the epicentre of nightlife in Cape Verde and is famous for its live music. Partying continues well into the small hours on Santiago and you'll make many new friends in this part of Cape Verde.

With summer well and truly here, there's not much time left to book Cape Verdi holidays, so don't waste anymore and do it today.

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