Magnificent Cape Verde holidays Virgin

Cape Verde holidays with Virgin really is too good of an opportunity to pass up. At the present moment there is great deals on offer with Virgin with packages from as little as £588 all inclusive, now really is the best time for to book with Virgin and experience all the delights that Cape Verde has to offer.

There are two airports on the island of Cape Verde. One of these airports is located on one of the islands named Sal which among visitors is very popular. With temperatures in the summer reaching up to 30 degrees celsius combined with its magnificent beaches Sal really is a sight to behold.

While you are spending time relaxing on the beautiful golden beaches of Sal why not try some of the great water sports that are available in the lovely blue sea, scuba diving, jet skiing and kite surfing to name just a few that might appeal to your adventerous side.

If you like a night out with some great music and friendly people Santiago is the place for you. Santiago is the centre of nightlife in Cape Verde and with its live music a great time is to be had by all. Partying goes on till the early hours and you will be sure to meet new people and have a great time.

A website to log on to is www.holidayhypermarket.co.uk. Once you have reached the site all the relevant information will be easily found regarding availability and places to stay.With summer approaching there is no time like the present so book your Cape Verde holidays with Virgin.

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