Cape Town: World Cup insider’s guide

Be optimistic, your team could actually be advancing beyond the group stages of the South Africa World Cup 2010 and moving on to play with some real football teams. So this means one thing – you´d better eat. But don't go wasting all that good beer money on fancy shark and tuna steaks. For really good cheap seafood, try one of the Ocean Basket restaurants. It’s a chain but it’s really nice, the Kloof Street branch has an outside area where you can sit and drink wine, and at least act like you’re not a hooligan.

Down at Kalk Bay, fishing boats come into the harbour itself and you can buy fish straight off them. There are some fancy restaurants in the harbour – but you´re on a World Cup booze up, with a Union Jack painted somewhere on your body, so follow the locals and go for fish and chips from Kalky’s.

There’s a new venue in Granger Bay on Beach Road called The Grand Cafe and Beach www.beach@thegrand.co.za. It’s a beach bar in a converted boatshed - complete with sand, and outside bar.

As for shopping, well you'll only be interested in the football, so stash a pile of Rand somewhere down your socks, because you´ll not be changing them while there so will soon forget about it, then pick up a bottle of smelly stuff for the missus on the way home at the duty free.

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