Cape Town to Cairo with Rovos Rail

After 28 days on a train you’re likely to need someone to rock you to sleep each night. And after blowing €20,000 on a train trip and a dose of malaria, you’re likely to need your head examined – and no, not by a witch doctor.

When people talk about the trip of a lifetime they probably mean things like this: one month, an entire continent and no worries about where the next five-star meal is coming from. Epic is too small a word for this journey. Once a year South Africa’s Rovos Rail stages this cross-continental spectacular, broken only by the occasional airplane transfer to exotic locations.

The four-week sojourn takes in everything from the diamond mines at Kimberley to the Victoria Falls, cruises on the Zambezi, game drives across the Serengeti and hikes up Kilimanjaro. And doubtless some serious kidnapping, witch doctery, blackmail and a small revolution thrown in for good measure.

Finish with a tour of the Pyramids and you’ll be like a walking National Geographic. The Liverpool to London train will never seem the same again. rovos.com

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