Discover the Highlands in a Unique Way with Canoe Holidays Scotland

The Scottish Highlands are blessed with incredible landscapes and amazing lochs and rivers. Exploring the wilderness of Scotland is best to be done on foot, as many areas are not accessible by car. Canoe holidays Scotland are the best way to enjoy the iconic nature and explore the high peaks on foot. By taking a journey through several remote lochs, you will get the chance to enjoy views you can’t possibly see otherwise.

Wildernessscotland.com offers several canoe holidays in Scotland, catering for the needs of both beginners and experimented tourists. The Canoe and Hiking – North West Highlands – Lochs and Mountains tour is a 7-day itinerary that starts in Inverness. The itinerary of the trip covers the beautiful landscapes of the North West Highlands and includes several hiking trips. The price of the package begins from £695 and includes all transport, most meals, 5 nights wild camping with use of the equipment(excluding sleeping bags) and the services of a fully trained and experienced guide.

For those who are interested in a shorter canoe trip, undiscoveredadventure.com has the perfect option. The Mightiest Sea Loch is a 2-day adventure on Loch Fyne that starts and ends in Glasgow City Centre or West End. During this adventure, you will enjoy the Scottish outdoors even if you have absolutely no experience in canoeing. Prices start at £190 per person and include the services of a qualified coach, nature talks, wildlife spotting, tent accommodation with all meals provided and all the necessary safety gear and equipment. Thus, you will have a great time in a safe environment!

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