Cancun Holidays: A Treat for the Senses

A fascinating history, breathtaking underwater adventures, and bountiful seafood restaurants make Cancun holidays a treat for the senses. Experience a plethora of incredible seascapes, mysterious Mayan ruins, and appetizing local flavours in this resort town on Mexico’s eastern coast.

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Peek into Cancun’s fascinating past by exploring the ruins of the great Mayan civilization. Chichen Itza takes visitors as far back as 800 A.D., to the grandeur of the ancient Mayan empire. The Pyramid of Kukulcan, called “the Castle” (El Castillo) by the conquering Spaniards, is the main attraction here. It stands 24 metres high, and features nine terraces which archaeologists believe symbolise the “Region of the Dead.” The original structure featured 365 steps representing the total number of days in a year, indicating the Mayan’s advanced understanding of astronomy. Visit Chichen Itza on March 20 or September 22, and witness the dazzling “the Equinox” spectacle. When the clock strikes three in the afternoon, sun beams throw triangular shadows on the northern side of the pyramid, forming a slithering serpent that symbolises the descent of the god Kukulcan on earth.

Visit Cancun during the months of July and August, and get on a whale shark adventure. Swim with these gentle giants accompanied by an expert guide, or go snorkelling to see the giants up close. Whale sharks feed exclusively on tiny organisms called planktons, so safety is guaranteed for daring holidaymakers.

Mexican restaurants serve native dishes on your Cancun holiday. AAA Five Diamonds awardee La Joya Restaurant in the Fiesta Americana Grand Beach Hotel serves authentic Mexican fare and offers live mariachi and classical Mexican music nightly. Caribbean flavours and fresh seafood, meanwhile, lures both locals and tourists to El Cejas in downtown Cancun.

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