Cancun Airport tax refund

Taxback is a Mexican programme that started in 2009 which gives tourists a chance to get a tax refund on various goods that are bought while they are traveling around Mexico. The idea behind it is that it will encourage tourists to shop more which in turn helps the economy. Unlike the European scheme though, it is a much easier process for visitors and shopkeepers. Before we get into that though here are some of the points of the programme.

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In order to qualify for a tax refund, visitors need to be non residents and need to have spend a minimum of 1200 Mexican pesos(roughly £55) including tax on each transaction. This could consist of many small items that add up to that amount or be one single large item. Money that is spent on hotel or restaurant services are not included in this scheme.

There are over 6,000 participating stores in this tax reimbursement programme, so visit one of them, make your purchases and make sure to keep the brochure and invoice you receive. Then when you are ready to return home, simply visit one of the Taxback offices that can be found at Cancun Airport. You can find these in Terminal 2 on the 2nd floor near the VIP lounge by TGIFridays or in Terminal 3 in front of Gate 21, at the mall or many other places.

Once you locate a Taxback office, you need to provide them with a reimbursement request form that includes your banking information, immigration form, a copy of your plane ticket and passport, receipts of your purchases and then present the goods. If your goods exceed 5,000 Mexican pesos, the Taxback officers may ask to see and inspect them. Once this has taken place, they will process your request and within 40 days you should receive your reimbursement.

In order to get the most out of this scheme, you do need to be organised. Ensuring that you have all the right documents in order when you visit a kiosk at Cancun Airport, then it should all go smoothly. Make sure to pack your newly purchased goods in a way in which they are easily accessible just in case you need to show them to inspectors. This makes your airport experience less stressful and ensures that you won't lose valuable time in which to make your gate when leaving Mexico.

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