Cancellation of purchase with Ice Lolly

You thought you were doing everything right by asking for time off work, researching the ideal location and booking your tickets in advance. All you thought you had to do was simply get on the plane and you were good to go. Unfortunately, things change at the last minute and suddenly the Ice Lolly holiday package you booked may not work out after all for one reason or another and now you find yourself having to cancel your trip. We look at the outcomes that can come from cancelling a purchase made through Ice Lolly.

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It is firstly important to clear up a common misunderstandings with Ice Lolly. It is only a holiday price comparison site and this means that the only purpose they have is to advertise travel companies on their site. This allows potential holiday makers to easily compare what companies offers the best package. Ice Lolly itself does not market any holiday packages.

If you do need to cancel booking you made, the only advice Ice Lolly offers is that you contact the company you booked directly with and see what they can do for you. Unfortunately, more often than not, you won’t be able to get any type of refund, but it is definitely worth a try. If the cancellation is due to a serious illness or hospitalisation, the company may be able to issue a partial refund voucher to you.

There have been many instances though where customers have wanted to cancel due to false advertised prices on the Ice Lolly website. They see the base price on the website and then proceed to make reservations only to be find that the price of their trip increased while they were booking or else that the holiday is no longer available. So make sure to do thorough research on the company that is offering a package before proceeding to book with them.

As always, read the terms and conditions with each package that interests you - especially the cancellation policy if you have any doubt that you may need to get a refund down the line. If you feel that you are being scammed and aren’t able to get any of your money back, your only course of action will be to contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and lodge a written complaint with them. This may prove to be a fruitful avenue for those with a genuine reason for cancelling a trip.

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