Find some of the best deals on cancellation holidays from Ireland here

Cancellation holidays from Ireland

If you are looking for a last minute deal then you have come to the right place. Cancellation holidays come available when for one reason or another, a party needs to pull out of a holiday sometimes just hours before the departure date. If you are looking for cancellation holidays from Ireland we suggest you check out the following great deals.

North of the border an excellent website to use is cancellationshotline.com. They specialise in late deals and you could save up to 80% on the original price of the trip. One such deal we recently came across is 7 nights in the 2 star Olive Apartments in Marmaris, Turkey.

Flights depart from Belfast Airport on Saturday September 24th and the duration of your trip will be 7 nights. The package is offered on a self-catering board so you will not be provided with any meals but there are a great number of restaurants and bars in the locality. If you book this holiday today, it can be yours for just £321 per person sharing.

If you are south of the border and looking for some great deals on cancellation holidays from Ireland, we suggest you take a look at lateholidays.ie. Again, expect your trip to be departing within the next week and save a fortune compared to the original price of the holiday!

How about 7 nights in Corfu, Greece? An excellent deal has just been made available that could see you and 3 of your friends or family staying at the 2 star self catering Damia Studio apartments in the resort of Sidari. Flights are from Dublin for 7 nights and depart on September 30th. The best thing about this trip is the price - just €408 per person! Log on to their website today as this holiday won't hang around for too long!


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