Where Is the Best Place to Enjoy Canal Holidays in Scotland?

Venice is not the only place to enjoy boating holidays. If you are in the UK and are wondering if there’s a way to enjoy a relaxing vacation on the water, then canal holidays in Scotland are just the thing that you need.

The Caledonian Canal for the Best Canal Holidays

One of the best places to enjoy this type of vacation is in the Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal. The Caledonian Canal is one of the most mesmerizing waterways of Europe and perhaps the whole world as well.

Easily rivalling the beauty of the Suez Canal, the Caledonian Canal was built in 1822 to provide a shorter route for travellers between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. The Caledonian Canal was considered one of the most important routes back in those days, as it allowed travellers to enjoy a safer route, one that did not pass through north coast’s dangerous Pentland Firth.

Renting a Cruiser

Canal holidays with a focus on the Caledonian Canal are best spent on enjoying the pleasures of sailing, yachting and boating. With the Canal large enough for even the wider boat models, it is also an optimal place to learn a captain’s skills and place yourself behind the wheels.

If you would like to rent your own watercraft, consider visiting caleycruisers.com. This website offers you an amazing selection of watercraft vehicles that range from economy to luxurious boats for families. Just keep in mind that a 3-day weekend is the minimum requirement for each booking.

Another ideal provider of canal holidays in Scotland would be westhighlandsailing.com. Besides offering luxury cruisers for rentals, it also has ready-made itineraries on their website that you can use.

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