See Vancouver's beauty with Canadian Affair flights

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in North America. With reasonably-priced Canadian Affair flights from the UK you can enjoy a fantastic holiday in the city and the wilds of British Columbia.

Canadian Affair (www.canadianaffair.com) has regular discounted fares to Vancouver from London Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow. All fares are quoted for one way flights.

From London Gatwick fares start at £199 outward and £159 inbound. From Manchester, fares are £199 each way, and from Glasgow are £199 outwards and £239 inbound. Mix and match airports if you like, and it is possible to get a round trip fare of under £400. Keep an eye on the website as they often have special deals on Vancouver flights and packages.

Vancouver (www.tourismvancouver.com) is a city to explore on foot, heading out from downtown to the historic Gastown area, and the little Hong Kong of Chinatown. This is a great place for lunch, if you are prepared to guess your way through a Cantonese menu and point at everything that takes your fancy.

Vancouver has every kind of global cuisine on offer. After a day exploring the wilderness and waterside cycle paths of Stanley Park, you can drop off your bikes at the cycle hire shop and choose where to eat on nearby Denman Street. Take your pick from  Ukrainian, Quebecois, Japanese, Thai, Korean,Vietnamese, Mexican, Malaysian  and African restaurants, all in a row.

South of False Creek, the laidback neighbourhood of Kitsilano is great for a spot of easy shopping and people-watching. There are vestiges of its former hippy inhabitants in the aromatherapy essence stores and wholefood bistros, but this is becoming an uopmarket part of the city, with lots of chic restaurants and fashion houses opening up.

After the city, there is the huge natural paradise of Vancouver Island to explore, not to mention the mountains and forests of British Columbia. There is so much to pack in before your return Canadian Affair flights.

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