Canada: A Winter Wonderland

Many people think Canada is nothing more than a vast, snow-clad forest, crawling with lumberjacks. Imagine their surprise when they learn that this cold, cold country features some of the warmest, wildest festivals the northern hemisphere has to offer.

Beer-lovers have two reasons to plan a Canada holiday. The Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria features home-brewed beer passionately made by locals who care about quality; the Montreal Beer Festival, on the other hand, is billed as the "the largest beer festival in North America," and features nearly 300 beers from all over the world.

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The French may have a reputation for snootiness, but the French in Canada know how to have a good time; parades, races, and parties galore warm up chilly February, as The Carnaval de Québec takes place.

If you prefer something warmer, then the Québec Fireworks Competition may be more to your liking; here, fireworks masters from five countries compete and mesmerize spectators with their pyrotechnics displays, which are set to music.

But ultimately, a Canada holiday is all about cold temperatures, and Canadians believe the best way to deal with the cold is by having great big parties. The Québec Winter Carnival, for example, has been around for the last 51 years, and now attracts a million visitors, making it the city's third largest industry.

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