Where to Find Land and Campsites for Sale

Campsites for sale

Going camping is a great way to spend time away from the office and be with friends or family. Before you go camping, though, you need a tent or camper, camping supplies and a campsite. Purchasing your own plot of land for camping is a great way to invest and have a vacation getaway at the same time.

Finding land and campsites for sale can be tricky if you do not know where to look. It is much different than renting or buying a house. Prices adhere to a different standard and the market is hard to decipher. However, the best way to find a good deal on a plot of land and campsite is to compare prices across a wide range of sellers and agents. Have a look below are four places to find campsites for sale.

Campsites for Sale UKThis online site is the online giant for listing UK land and campsites for sale. Prices typically are according to the acres or area of the land, but sometimes it depends on the seller. You can search for campsites according to location and price at this website.Website: campsites-forsale.co.uk

UK Land and FarmsThis real estate dealer specialises in the sale of country land. Properties available through this agency range from as low as £50,000 to over £5 million.Website: uklandandfarms.co.uk/leisure

The UK Camp SiteThis company is very focused on the sale of camp ground to keen campers. The UK Camp Site literally has thousands of listings for campsites for sale. ukcampsite.co.uk

ClassifiedsThis is a general suggestion. Check classifieds, both local and nationwide, for information on land for sale and campsites for sale within the UK. Going directly to the owner may lead to better deals.

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