Top Camping Stoves for your Outdoors Holiday

Even for the amateur camping enthusiast, there are a wide array of camping stoves on the market to make your camping excursions more comfortable. Buying a stove is a convenient way to avoid relying on cold, dry foods, and offers an authentic camp fire experience in an easy to manage format.

Go Systems Trek Portable: Is easy-to-use and retails at £22.99 when you buy through website Simply Hike. The Trek stove utilises a cartridge system and includes auto-start ignition as well as flame control. The stove can be used to heat hot food and drinks such as soup or coffee. The Trek weights only 188g, so is the ideal option for those looking for a lightweight stove to use while out walking.

Halfords Portable Gas Stove: As an even more affordable option, it costs £19.99, and features an automatic Piezo flame ignition system, a single ring cooker, and is compatible with A4 gas cartridges. This is a durable and cheap option for those shopping on a limited budget.

Coleman PerfectFlow 2 Burner Stove: For a more expensive purchase, this stove uses a propane system, and includes a wide grill with wind guards at both sides, so is ideal for the more experienced outdoor cook. This model costs £57.90 at Simply Hike, a substantial discount on the £69.99 recommended retail price. The Coleman can run for a full hour but weighs 5kg, so is perhaps best suitable for those with transport.

Jetboil Helios Cooking System: At the luxury end of the range, this stove uses inverted butane canister injection technology to provide the very best results while cooking. This model comes with two pots, lids that double as plates and weighs around 48oz. The Jetboil Helios costs £139.99 from All Outdoor.

When using a camping stove outdoors, remember to pay close attention to safety guidelines, and to read the manual while setting up for the first time. Once you're familiar with your particular stove, and cooking a range of soups, hot drinks, as well as the requisite toasted marshmallows, you'll wonder how you ever went camping without it!

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