Enjoy Some of the Best Camping Sites France

With France being so close to the British coast, there is no wonder that more and more Brits are heading there to enjoy an outdoor holiday. It is easy to go on a trip to France, considering the large number of ferries crossing the channel. Great camping sites France can be easily found online and you don’t have to break the bank when booking accommodation in one of them. All of them are very well-maintained and they provide excellent services and facilities. Plenty of activities and attractions are available in or near any French campsite.

A good selection of French camping sites can be browsed at camping-picardy.co.uk. One night at La Haie Penee, located in the Picardy region, will cost you just €21.50 if you're planning to stay in a tent. Mobile homes and chalets are also available for prices between €420 and €620. On-site facilities include swimming pool, activities hall, tennis court, sauna, a playground area and waste water outlet. Nearby, you can explore the Bagatelle (amusement park), the St. Sepulchre church or the beautiful castle and park of Rambures.

Useful information about camping sites France can also be found at ukcampsite.co.uk. For example, at the Camping La Bucaille from Normandy, prices for one night start from €8 for a pitch, €3 for an adult and €2 for a child. All the usual facilities are provided at this camp and the nearby village La Haye Du Puits offers great shops, restaurants and bakeries. Two of the famous D-day landing beaches are located less than an hour’s drive from the camp. Other well-known attractions in the region include the Bayeux Tapestry, St Mere Eglise, Le Mont Saint Michel and Pointe Du Hoc.

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