Looking for camping sites inIreland and France?

Looking for camping sites in Ireland? If you are looking for something completely different this year then camping is the perfect option. Camping can be fun and a great way to explore nature.

Some people can be a bit worried about camping and the lack of facilities so make sure you check out your camping site before you go. Great standard camping sites are widely available around Ireland and The Irish Caravan and Camping Council (www.camping-ireland.ie) is a great site that gives all the information you will need to know before you head off. This website, shows you all the camping sites that are available around Ireland, what is available and places where you can hire or buy camping equipment.

Ireland has many beautiful camping sites such as Clonea Stand in Co. Waterford and all along the coast lines. Camping in Ireland can be spectacular if the sun is shining but dreadful if it’s raining and your not ready. So be sure to be fully equipped for all weather when camping in Ireland.

Another great place is St. Magarets Beach Caravan & Camping located in Rosslare Co.Wexford. Ideally located 15 minutes from the port and within walking distance to the beach. Pitching for two adults and two children start about €22. Check out www.campingmargarets.ie for more information.

Another popular country for camping is France. Camping in France is very cheap and a big hobby for a lot of couples, friends and families. It can begin at about €14 per tent. Ispy camping France is a great place to find out the best places to go on a camping trip in France. France’s camping sites are very well equipped and the endless sunshine is always a bonus, so there is no fear of you getting cold. Make sure to bring lots of drinking water until you get settled and comfortable with your surroundings. Many of the campsites in France have a heated pool so if you are wanting that extra bit of luxury make sure and check into one of these campsites to make the most of your holiday. Other top  sites even offer fine dining restaurants and an on site grocery store. www.campingfrance.com is a great site to find the perfect camp site.

With these websites you are sure to have a wonderful camping holiday at great camping sites in France and Ireland.


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