Great camping sights in UK

There are many great camping sights in the UK. There are many places to go with great views and many activities to suit everyone. Camping can be a great outdoor experience to get everyone together and out of home life for a change. In Scotland there are many secluded spots for camping in the wild and also many spots where there are very well-run camping sites where there is adventures and outdoor beauty with pitches hidden away in woodlands or surrounded by mountains and sites on the shores of lochs, up in hills and on some of Scotland's most spectacular islands. Camp near Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK or relax and soak in the stunning highland views at Great Glen Yurts located near the small village of Tourlandy which lies deep in the Scottish highlands. Great Glen Farm has plenty of woodland which is a perfect hunting ground for wild foraging and spotting wildlife. The farm is boarded by a 3 mile stretch of the river Lochy which is a famous salmon fishing river with many secluded swimming spots. Each yurt on this farm can sleep up to 6 people. Inside of each yurt comes with a kettle, wood-burning stove, firewood, rugs, cushions, pillows, duvets, lanterns and a head torch. Activities near the site include hill walking, fishing, kayaking, yoga, golf, climbing and wildlife spotting. Prices range from £70 per night and £390 for a weeks stay.  www.greatglenyurts.com

Another camping sight in the UK is Fishguard Bay Caravan and Camping Park, Wales. It is a small family run park which is located high upon a peninsula overlooking Fishguard Bay, one of Pembrokeshire's most beautiful landmarks. The park offers a shop, launderette, information room, children's play room, TV lounge, games room, shower and toilet facilities and many more. Fishguard town is situated in the perfect location for the coastal walking path. The path goes along the coast and allows you to enjoy the stunning views of the Irish Sea and the Welsh countryside. Walk up and down the rugged coast and at the same time in and out of the most enchanting coastal villages. Camping at fishguard Bay Caravan and Camping Park can cost from £16 to £20 depending on the time of year and the size of your tent. Visit: www.fishguardbay.com






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