Go on your holidays at these camping places in England

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Camping Holidays in England are a great way to spend a well-deserved break. If you are planning a camping holiday this year and looking for some inspiration check out these camping places in England.

One of the most popular places in England for camping is the beautiful and scenic Cornwall. One such camping site there that we think sticks out from the rest is the Penhale Camping Park. This camping site is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty and offers you a lovely relaxing break. You are close to all the beaches, walking areas and the famous Eden project. Prices for pitching a tent usually start at £4 for the low season and £9 for the high season. You can contact Penhale if you want to book on 01726 833425 and you can view the site on www.bigfreeguide.com.

Another beautiful area for camping in England is the beautiful countryside of Kent. There are many camping sites in Kent but one we recommend you check out is Yew Tree Park. This site is right in the heart of east Kent and is ideal if you want to explore local heritage, beaches and resorts. The prices for pitching on this site start from £14 for low season and £19.50 for the high season. If you want to find out more about this camping site you can by calling 01227 700306 and you can view the site on www.bigfreeguide.com.

There is also plenty of other camping places in England and if you check out www.campsitesinengland.co.uk you will find them all as it is a site dedicated to camping in England.





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