Experience a great time by going camping in northern Spain

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Looking to go on a Camping holiday?Then camping in northern Spain is the ideal place for you. With magnificent coastlines to offer and a truly magnificent countryside it will make it an excellent choice. Camping in northern Spain is a magnificent experience and i am sure you will be of the same opinion.

A great place to spend your camping holiday is the beautiful Playa Joyel campsite in Cantabria which opens from the 7th of May and closes on the 19th of September. Playa Joyel is a truly beautiful campsite situated right beside the beautiful golden beaches and scenic mountains. Also if you want to let your hair down for a night out the campsite is situated only a short distance from all the bars and restaurants. With the campsite quiet during low season the month of August is probably the best time to visit during the high season.

If going to Cantabria is not for you why not look into Camping Playa Brava in the Costa Brava which opens from the 14th of May and closes on the 11th of September. Camping Playa offers you a great location for beaches, great range of sporting activities and beautiful grassy sunbathing areas.Also nearby there is beautiful historic towns with restaurants and bars where you be sure to have a great time.With the park been quiet during low season August again would be the best time for to plan your stay.

To view these Campsites and the many more things they have to offer you can log on to www.venueholidays.com where you will find all the relevant details regarding prices and available times.

There is nothing left for you to do now only book your camping trip to northern Spain today for a truly memorable experience.



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