Camping is cool!

Whether you’re a veteran camper and pitch your tent with the expertise of Indiana Jones, or a newbie, debating if you can really go under canvass and sleep on the floor, camping, you have to admit, is a cool experience. It's all about fresh air, camaraderie, and sleeping under the stars, and the kids of course will love it.

And with summer just around the corner and campsites opening up, it couldn’t be a better time to start planning your holiday. Why not enlist the help of an excellent website when you make your choice? Information from the Cool Camping guides, which have long since been the campers' ‘bible’ for advice on sites in the UK and Europe, can now be found on line at www.coolcamping.co.uk and the site was voted website of the week by the Daily Mail recently, with the big advantage that it’s free!

At present the site covers 335 of the best campsites in England, Wales and Scotland, but campsites in France will be added this summer. The information is highly practical, giving prices, pub recommendations, tips on what to do if it rains and a host of other things which are just what we need. The star attraction is that not only can you search by location, but also by criteria such as ‘views’, ‘dog-friendly sites’ etc. So dust down your tent, log on and you’ll find that there’s a site that’s perfect for you!

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