The best camping sites in the New Forest

The New forest offers peaceful escapes from busy lifestyles and we have found two of the best camping sites in the New Forest to make life easier for you. From these sites you will be within striking distance of some of the best scenery and nature walks anywhere in the UK.

Old Forest

The New Forest has been steeped in history ever since William the Conquerer declared it a special woodland area to be protected. His reason for this was the ample selection of deer that the Royals so loved to hunt. Just recently, in 2005 the New Forest became a registered National Park ensuring that it would be preserved for all to enjoy.

The forest is still home to all sorts of animals today including deer, squirrels, birds and the one and only cicada known to reside anywhere in the UK. This makes it the ideal place to pitch a tent and camping in the New Forest leaves you plenty of options. If a tent does not sound very attractive then you can also stay in a caravan.

Denny Wood is a great place to base yourself. Only a couple of miles from Lyndhurst, this campsite is open from late March to early October. Be warned, however, Denny Wood offers a truly rustic camping experience so there are no showering facilities to speak of. The close proximity of Lyndhurst means that this should not be too much of an inconvenience and you also have lots of choices for drinks and a meal once in town.

Another sound option is Roundhill Campsite near Brockenhurst. It has space for up to 500 tents and is in prime location for some of the best walking treks and cycling trails in the New Forest. The campsite accepts pets too so feel free to bring your pet along to share in your rest and recreation.

Fresh Air and Night Stars

There is nothing else quite like camping outdoors to take you back to nature. For a great trip without doing too much damage for your wallet, a camping trip in the New Forest will provide you with some amazing scenery and nature. And on a clear night, the stars are simply incredible so make sure to bring your phone with the Google Sky app installed.

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