Camping in France with your own tent!

People travel from all over to enjoy a experience camping in France with your own tent. There are more then 10,000 campsites in France. If you choose to camp in the south of France there are a few great campsites at excellent prices.

Le Bous de Valmarie is a campsite near the town of Argeles-sur-Mer located in the Languedoc region of France. This campsite is very clean and friendly and located on the coastline which offers great sea views where you can soak up the sun. This is an excellent run campsite set down in a shaded wood. The beach is close and there is plenty of snorkeling to be enjoyed. There is a first class restaurant there where you can enjoy great foods. To go camping in France with your own tent Le Bous de Valmarie has a nice and quiet relaxed atmosphere which is great for young families.


A popular campsite in the north of France in the region of Normandy is Chateau Lex Eaux which is located in the west of Normandy on the border of Brittany. This campsite is clean and neat and located in a  quiet, beautiful area. There is a large supermarket just 5 minutes drive and the beach is only 10 minutes drive. Chateau Lex Eaux is a member of the castle chain. It has a covered watersport area and a extended bar. Once a week during the high season, the park offers a gastronomy evening where sample of traditional French cuisine can be tasted. A camping plot here in France with you own tent can cost from 15-30 Euros depending on what time of year you visit.


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