What to know when camping in France on summer holidays

From the culturally rich northern regions of Brittany and Normandy to the breathtaking Pyrenees to the stylish Cote d'Azur, France is a traveller's dream destination. Blessed with immense natural beauty and historical landmarks, it is also perfectly set up for camping. If you are thinking of camping in France for your holidays then you have two main options: to take your own tent or stay at one of the many holiday parks.

Taking Your Own Tent

If you find yourself consumed by wanderlust and like to get out and explore, then travelling with your own tent is the best way to see the country. France boasts over 10,000 campsites, with most complete with an abundance of facilities.

The South of France is particularly blessed with campsites. An example of one is Camping Les Fontaines, located at Canet en Roussillon. The campsite sits on the edge of a nature reserve so perfect for getting out and exploring. For full details visit www.camping-les-fontaines.co.uk.

Another option could be to take a tour of the Bordeaux wine region. To do so, Le Village du Lac provides the perfect base. At the campsite you will find ample tent pitches, swimming pools, restaurant and grocery store. Check it out at www.camping-bordeaux.com.

Holiday Parks

Should you want to enjoy stress-free camping in France on your holidays, then check out the vast amount of holiday parks spread throughout the country. At parks run by Eurocamp and Keycamp you will find permanent luxury tents, lodges and bungalows awaiting you, thus opening the door to kick back and relax.

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