Perfect camping holidays in France with children

The key to successful camping holidays in France with children is all about finding a destination that will suit the whole family. Make a list of your family's priorities and preferences before choosing the best location to pitch your tent. France has an infinite variety of campsites to suit every taste.

Map out your options

The Ile De Re has long been a favourite destination for regular visitors planning camping holidays in France with children. With a convenient aiport at nearby La Rochelle, this beautiful island on the Atlantic coast has campsites close to beaches, small villages with superb restaurants and long stretches of sand where the kids can spend their days. Its quiet roads and trails are also ideal for cycling.

Provence gets a little hot in high summer, but is perfect in May or September. This is an ideal destination for older children, who won't object too much if their parents want to explore the cities of Avignon and Aix-en-Provence or visit some vineyards. Camping in the Luberon region offers outstanding scenery and rural tranquility.

The French Alps are glorious in summer with the mountain air keeping you cool and plenty of hiking trails to explore. Fly into Lyon, or even Geneva and a wide range of sites is available within easy reach. Some sites offer guided excursions, while the larger sites have plenty of activities and facilities for kids.

Brittany is perfect for its beaches. There are around 800 miles of rocky coastline to explore, with countless beautiful fishing vilages and resorts. Away from the coast there is lush countryside and numerous romantic castles to visit.

Leave the tent at home

If you want to cut down on the baggage for your camping holidays in France with children, consider booking places in pre-erected tents, bungalows or tepees. An increasing number of sites offer this option and, unless you are travelling in high season, they are relatively inexpensive. You also don't have to worry about putting the tent up in the rain.

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