Companies offering the best prices on Camping Hoildays (Holidays)

Thinking of doing something a little unusual for your holiday this year? If you fancy taking a holiday that doesn't cost the Earth, then in this blog, we are going to sell you on the virtues of a Camping Hoildays (Holidays) and show you the best places to get a good deal on them.

A camping holiday is the perfect way to get away from it all for a few days, away from the all the excessos of modern life. A few friends, a BBQ, a camp fire and some beers, it sounds sensational doesn't it? Finding bargains on a camping break isn't too difficult either, the first site we suggest you take a look at for bargains is the EuroCamp website at www.eurocamp.co.uk/. EuroCamp specialise in getting you a good deal on camp sites on the continent, and their extensive camping search engine does the hard work, finding you a quote from 174 different campsites around the place. They also cater for the environmentally conscience camper as they offer a range of "Green" camp sites for you to check out too.

If EuroCamp doesn't supply you with the bargains you seek, then there are some more slightly budget friendly options available at Key Camp, so check them out online at www.keycamp.co.uk. Key Camp are offering some outrageous bargains on camping on the mainland right now, with camping spots at top parks going for just £51 per party per night. It's the perfect hunting ground for the discerning bargain seeker.

Getting to the mainland is easy too, simply check out the cheapest ferry crossings offered from P O at www.poferries.com as they are consistently the cheapest carrier on the Dover to Calais route.

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