All about camping in France for summer holidays

Camping France holidays

When it comes to holidays in France, camping is a great option. Not only is it cheap but also allows you and your family to get up close with the countries abundant nature and be within a stone's throw from the glorious beaches. If you are searching for camping sites in France for your holidays, then look no further.

Arguably the biggest and most reputable camp site is Eurocamp. The company has over 40 years experience in the business and operate at more than 100 locations. Choosing a destination is simple, just log on to the website and select the region you wish to visit, then decide on the exact location. If you are not fussy about the destination you can tailor your trip according to the activities you wish to do. Moreover, the company is happy to assist with booking ferry crossings and flights.

For full details of destination and activities, visit www.eurocamp.co.uk.

Another great company offering similar holidays is Keycamp. Alike Eurocamp, Keycamp has campsites the length and breadth of France and cater for every need. Enjoy the delights of the Cote d'Azur beaches or head into the spectacular Pyrenees. A benefit of Keycamp is that they charge per accommodation, thus giving you the opportunity to splash out a little.

Check out the latest deals at www.keycamp.co.uk.

The final company worth mentioning is Canvas Holidays, which runs luxury campsites spread throughout 15 regions of France. Canvas Holidays are especially geared towards family entertainment and offer a whole host of cultural, adventure and sporting activities.

Vist www.canvasholidays.co.uk to find out more.

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