Camping in France for a holiday

Camping France holiday

There are hundreds of campsites in France, but with the help of the internet finding the right one for you needn't be hard.

Eurocamp.co.uk is dedicated to helping you enjoy camping in France on holiday. You can search for a campsite based on a number of criteria, for example whether it's small, action packed, authentic or various other things, as well as whether it is near a beach or a town. Then just pick a region in France and the dates that you want to camp for and the site will return all the most relevant results. Once you've found the perfect spot you can optionally book a ferry through the site, as well as other optional extras such as beach towels or a welcome pack.

If you'd rather take a more hands on approach to finding a camp site then campingfrance.com is the place to go. It lists hundreds of campsites across France, allowing you to filter them in various ways and providing all the details you'll need for each one, such as address, facilities and what is and isn't allowed on site. Where it differs from Eurocamp is that you don't book your holiday through the site, instead they provide a contact number for the campsite or a link to the campsites own website allowing you to book independently. Although this approach means more work is involved in getting your holiday booked, it also allows you to get a much better idea of the place you'll be staying as you can look around each sites own website and contact the campsites staff to answer any specific questions you might have. Camping France also has a greater selection of sites than Eurocamp or most other sites that allow you to book through them.

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