Where to go Camping in Europe

Camping in Europe

If you are interested in camping in Europe then we can help you maximise your experience in the great outdoors. We will run through the top 3 camping locations in Europe so you have plenty of choice for your next camping trip.


The Emerald Isle provides breathtaking scenery coupled with friendly locals and warm open fires in the pubs. Down in the South-West of Ireland is the beautiful Kingdom of Kerry and spending a few days here is absolutely breathtaking. Camping near Valentia leaves you within striking distance of the most westerly monastery in Europe - Skellig Michael. Visit www.camping-ireland.ie/parks/kerry.html for more information.


Home to legends and beauty, Greece has the perfect climate to camp in. Add to this the beautiful food and idyllic scenery and you will have a hard time rolling up your tent and heading back home. Sounio is the place to pitch your tent as you are within a stones throw of the famed Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion. Visit www.campingreece.gr/ for more camping information.


Another must when camping in Europe is Italy. Famous for its cuisine and wine, Italy is everything it's cracked up to be. A perfect location to unroll your canvas and hammer down your tents pegs is Tuscony. Livorno was described as the "ideal town" during the Renaissance and the surrounding areas are not half bad either. There is miles of beautiful coastline to be expored here. Visit www.camping.it/ to find out more about camping in Italy.

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