Camping and caravan holidays: entertainment in your caravan

Caravan hire is the perfect way to combine your holiday’s travel and accommodation! Here we focus on modern caravan entertainment for your camping and caravan holidays.


With caravan hire you’ll be looking for a set-up that closely resembles your home comforts. Digital technology is ideal, with extremely thin screens that take up minimal space. Viewing angles remain wide, and images will appear clear in even the brightest conditions.

Many caravans come with televisions that fold down/out from ceilings walls for perfect positioning. Caravan TVs also run on a low wattage, and can accommodate the same extras as your normal sets: aerials, satellite dishes, receivers, power packs, mounting plates, leads to plugs.


There are many compact music systems available now. Few caravan layouts readily accommodate surround sound installation, but a great alternative is ‘virtual surround sound’ provided by a central system.

Docking stations for iPods are ideal for caravans. A typical portable system is a Sky Gnome, a dinky little device that provides streaming of hundreds of digital radio stations.

Movies and gaming

Watching your favourite DVDs or Blu-Rays will while away the evening hours in your caravan; and no up-to-date caravan would be complete without an XBOX 360!


While state-of-the-art caravan equipment will enhance your holiday, it could become an attractive prospect for thieves. Keep a close eye on your gear; where possible, tuck items out of sight when leaving the caravan. Cover equipment with dish cloths/towels. Ensure you’ve taken out the appropriate caravan insurance for your prized possessions.


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