Camping at Byron Bay

Byron Bay is located at Australia's eastern-most point and has a population of almost 29,000. It's also one of the country's most popular spots for independent travellers and a backpacking Mecca.

The town's bohemian vibe and natural beauty draw visitors from far and wide. While there is no shortage of accommodation in Byron Bay, camping is one of the most popular options.

Camping grounds in Byron Bay

  • Byron Bay Van Village - Ewingsdale Rd.
  • Clarkes Beach Caravan Park - Off Bay St
  • First Sun Caravan Park - Lawson St
  • Glen Villa Resort - Butler St.
  • Byron Bay Tourist Park - Broken Head Rd
  • Suffolk Park Caravan Park - End of Clifford St, Suffolk Park

Camping grounds near Byron Bay

  • Broken Head Caravan Park - Beach Rd, Broken Head, about 6km south of Byron Bay
  • Ferry Reserve Caravan Park - Pacific Hwy, Brunswick Heads, about 17km north
  • Massey Greene Caravan Park - Pacific Hwy, Brunswick Heads, about 17km north
  • Maca's Camping Ground - Main Arm Rd, via Mullumbimby, about 16km west
  • Lake Ainsworth Van Park - Lennox Head, about 9km south

Best time of year for camping at Byron Bay

Perched on the far north coast of New South Wales, Byron Bay enjoys warm weather and plenty of sunshine all year round. However as with all of Australia, there's no guarantee!

The average temperatures in winter (June to August) are between 11C and 19C, while the average temperatures in summer (December to February) are between 20C and 28C.

Rainfall varies throughout the year, but is generally lowest in spring (September to November). This, combined with the pleasant temperatures) makes spring the most popular time of the year for camping in Byron Bay.

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