Camping holidays abroad

Camping abroad has always been a popular choice for family holidays.

There are a number of well-known companies that specialise in camping abroad among them being Eurocamp and Keycamp.

Whether you're a family or couple, a Eurocamp camping holiday can be as relaxing or as varied as you want it to be. Feel free to go 'Park Hopping', on a choice of over 150 campsites throughout Europe    making the most of stunning beaches or beautiful countryside.

Families really love Eurocamp. The kids not only go free, they are free, with lots of room to play, new friends to make and so many free activities. The holiday parks or campsites offer amazing facilities including swimming pools, waterslides, and a range of kids' clubs or fun activities. Book online at Eurocamp.co.uk or call 0804 406 0402. The website is very user friendly.

Accommodation is in incredibly bright and spacious four bedroom tents which have electric lighting, a kitchen with fully enclosed storage units, work surface, a full size fridge with freezer compartment and a 4 burner cooker with grill. There are also comfortable beds with foam mattresses for a good night's sleep,  barbecue (where permitted) and outdoor furniture.

The beauty of a camping abroad holiday is you can travel whatever way you wish. Take your own car on a relaxing ferry or the speedy Eurotunnel. Another option is to take a budget flight and pick up car hire, you can even take Eurostar TGV trains from London to key destinations all over Europe.

Eurocamp provides a great service, which includes detailed maps and guides. The Eurocamp staff are on hand to greet you when you reach the campsite and show you to your tent. They also explain all the facilities available at the campsite.

Try camping abroad once and you could get hooked!

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