Beach holidays in Camber Sands, Sussex

Would you like to experience one of the most glorious five miles-long, golden, sandy beaches in England? If yes, Camber Sands is the place to go. Camber Sands is located to the east of East Sussex in the lovely village of Camber near Rye. As the only sand dune system in the region, Camber Sands does not fall short of things to see and do.

Things to see in Camber Sands

Glorious sandy beaches, picturesque dunes and intriguing wildlife and vegetation are some of the exciting things to see in Camber Sands.


The dunes at Camber Sands are made from sand blown inland from the sea, which then builds up around plants, debris and fences. Simple, traditional chestnut fences are erected all along the beach to prevent the rare dunes from breaking and burying the village. Dense, grey-green tufts of Marram grass growing in the area are also quite a sight to behold. The grass covers much of the dunes and helps hold the sand firmly in place.


Exciting wildlife and vegetation are plenty in Camber Sands. From the weever fish that buries itself in the sandy sea bed when the tide goes out to the brown-tail moth caterpillar that lives on sea buckthorn and the spiky shrub with bluish leaves and long hairs on its entire body, the wildlife and vegetation in Camber Sand is breathtaking. Also, enjoy the magnificent singing of skylarks that hover high above the dunes.


When the tide is out, the beach stretches for as far as your eyes can see. Sunsets are breathtaking during this time, especially in the spring and autumn.


If you like bursts of adrenaline rush on beach holidays, water and sport activities in Camber Sands will give you exactly what you like. Kite landboarding, kite surfing, kite buggying and boat trips (for both sightseeing and fishing) are just some of the activities available in the area.

Camber Sands also lends itself to enjoying the finer things in life, such as leisurely evening strolls or relaxing walks with your dog on the lovely sandy shorelines.

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